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Seniors: Look and Feel Great at Any Age

January 17th, 2020

While change is good, aging is a change that causes the body to crave more attention than it ever did before. What men and women could ignore at 30, 40 or even 50 has a way of demanding extra attention in later years.

To stay looking and feeling great, tweak your daily grooming habits and discover new products that align with the changing needs of your body. By doing so, you’ll preserve the healthy and energetic you for years to come.

Adopt a meticulous skin care regimen for your face and body. To keep skin looking its best, exfoliate once a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that have a tendency to build up on aging skin. Removing old cells helps your skin absorb moisturizers and uncovers your natural, healthy glow.

Fend off itchy, dry skin by hydrating your body with moisturizers in the morning and at night and set up an in-home humidifier to add moisture back into the air, especially during the winter months. If your range of motion has diminished with age, try a roll-on lotion applicator with an extended handle to moisturize hard-to-reach areas.

Drink adequate amounts of water and eat healthy foods in smaller portions. Nutrient rich foods help ward off common health problems and increase your energy level while water keeps you hydrated and wards off daytime fatigue. Eating smaller, more frequent meals is reported to stabilize glucose and insulin levels, improve digestion and reduce heartburn.

Treat yourself to a pedicure on a routine basis and buy proper fitting shoes, boots and sandals. The right footwear offers a solid foundation and helps prevent falls. If you suffer from foot pain, heal pain, toe nail pain or any other foot condition that can’t be properly diagnosed and treated at home, visit your podiatrist. Using arch supports can provide relief for simple issues. They can be easily bought on Amazon, just like these orthotics.

Be a stickler when it comes to oral hygiene. Oral health is crucial in warding off gum disease which can impact insulin levels and contribute to heart disease and pneumonia. If arthritis or hand tremors inhibit brushing, try an electric toothbrush or an adaptive aid with a thicker grip and/or weighted base to enable you to perform daily grooming tasks independently.

Take care of your hair with regular haircuts and conditioners to keep it strong and healthy. If you notice your hair discoloring, ask your stylist to recommend hair care products that restore the silver, gray or white tone to your hair. Pollutants from the shower, swimming pool and even the air are known to cause hair discoloration.

Find more reasons to socialize and laugh. Studies prove that laughing enhances immune systems, lowers blood pressure and reduces tension among other things. Socializing brings you out of isolation which can cause depression and offers new opportunities for you to learn and experience new things at any age.

Start your new self-care regimen today. If you’ve been neglecting yourself and your body’s cravings, enhance your confidence by giving your body the attention it deserves as you continue to look and feel great at any age!